Scale Africa Inc.

Announcing the SCALEAfrica 9 x 9 Challenge!

10/03/2014, 1:20

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The goal is to fund five new classrooms at Vinza Community School in Zambia. And we're going to do it 9 square feet at a time!

Here's how it works: We've broken each of the three classrooms into a 9x9 grid- and each square represents 9 square feet of new classroom space.

  • Pledge $200 to fill a square and sponsor 9 square feet of learning space. 
  • Pledge $400 and we can build 18 square feet or enough space for three students!

And so on....

The more you pledge, the more space you sponsor! If $200 is too much, find a friend or two to go in with you. Your names will appear together on a donor mural being created a Vinza School - recognizing all those that participated in the 9x9 challenge!

Click the Donate button above to Pin A Square!

Vinza Exterior View W Color Murals