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  • Erinn McGurn

    Erinn McGurn

    Co-Founder & Executive Director

    Erinn co-founded SCALEAfrica with Guy Baron in 2008 after visiting Mfuwe, Zambia...

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  • Guy Baron

    Guy Baron

    Co-Founder & Treasurer

    Guy co-founded SCALEAfrica with his wife Erinn and also serves as SCALE's Treasurer. Guy is a research...

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  • Christian Long

    Christian Long

    Board Member

    Christian Long is an educator, school planner, technology expert, passionate advocate...

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  • Melissa Belleville

    Melissa Belleville

    Board Member

    Melissa Belleville joined SCALEAfrica's board in early 2011. She is a strategic...

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  • Geoff Renou

    Geoff Renou

    Project Manager, Zambia

    Geoff Renou teamed up with Guy Baron and Erinn McGurn of SCALEAfrica in 2007 as...

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  • Sean Vandermaas

    Sean Vandermaas

    Board Member

    Sean is the former owner and operator of the Luangwa River Lodge in Mfuwe, Zambia... 

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  • Ashley Baedke

    Ashley Baedke


    Ashley Baedke was first introduced to SCALEAfrica in 2007 when she worked for Erinn...

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  • Ana Luiza Pena

    Ana Luiza Pena


    Ana Luiza Pena joined ScaleAfrica in late 2012. She holds a Bachelor's degree...

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08 Mary Ziba Sotm 0212

Joyce Mwembela

Age: 16
Grade: 8
Favorite Subject: Biology & Science

Joyce has a big smile and big plans. Her goal is to become a doctor in order to help her community face the challenges of malaria and HIV prevention. Her aspirations give her a unique opportunity to greatly impact the health of everyone in Chikazi Village. Inspired by a clinic that opened near Chiutika School, she hopes to save lives and act as an inspiration to her brothers and sisters. 
Victoria Kanyingi, the head teacher, describes her as "a refreshing young person, insightfull, and motivated by helping others." We can only hope that she succeeds, the need for medical professionals in and around Mfuwe is staggering, with only one licensed physician for every 10,000 people. As we await the results of the secondary school exams in January and hear whether Joyce can progress to the 9th grade, we'll be hoping that this kind young women gets the chance to fulfill her goal.