Chris Cayten

Chris Cayten

Board Member

Christopher Cayten is Managing Director of CodeGreen Solutions, a leading sustainability and energy efficiency consulting firm based in New York City. Chris has more than 10 years of experience in sustainability consulting, architecture and development in commercial real estate in the U.S. and overseas. CodeGreen is currently working with over 200 million square feet of commercial property across the U.S. to reduce energy use, improve sustainable operations and lower carbon footprints.

Chris has also helped the municipal governments of New York City and San Francisco develop and implement their recent energy efficiency and disclosure laws that require large building owners to review and publish energy use every year. Chris holds a master’s degree from the Yale School of Architecture and has spoken on a number of panels regarding energy efficiency and policy in New York and California including events hosted by BOMA, PG&E, Urban Green Council, GRI and BuildingsNY. He is an active member of the Urban Green Council (the New York City chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council), and serves on the sustainability committees of BOMA-NY and REBNY.