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Increasing Access to Education for Girls in Zambia Through WiSH (Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene)

The purpose of SCALEAfrica’s new WiSH Initiative is to ensure that every community school in Mambwe District has access to clean water, girl-centered sanitation and basic hygiene and MHM programs, reaching approximately 4845 students, and increasing girls' participation in and completion of primary school. 

Through WASH (Water, Sanitation, & Hygiene), the initiative would aim to demolish or rehabilitate existing girls' sanitation blocks and construct new sanitation facilities that are designed to reflect the physical and emotional needs of adolescent girls in rural areas. Where necessary, water infrastructure would be repaired or constructed. Programs on hygiene and menstrual hygiene management (MHM), as well as community engagement to encourage adoption, will be implemented at each community school.

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WiSH Initiative FACT SHEET

  • Build 28 new girl-centric sanitation facilities and wells in Eastern Province, Zambia
  • Provide over 300 new construction jobs, with a goal of 50% participation by women
  • Integrate lessons on health, hygiene, and MHM
  • Built using local labor/suppliers, locally-sourced and renewable materials
  • Employing passive and technology-driven strategies for lighting, ventilation, and decomposition 
  • Gravity-fed plumbing to ensure handwashing and basic hygiene necessities are met
  • Green buildings act as a learning tool and reinforcement of the school community’s role in conservation 
  • Access to safe sanitation and clean water is a human right
  • Lack of access to water and sanitation disproportionately affects girls and women, preventing them from coming to school
  • Zambian students can be educated out of a life of poverty and armed with applicable knowledge and tools to thrive
  • Educated children will grow to solve global problems and create change in their own communities

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