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Chiutika Basic School Library

  • Chikazi Village, Mfuwe, Zambia
  • 1600

The new library space at Chuitika Basic School was created from a crumbling remnant of a pre-Independence building sitting in the main courtyard. Using that bare shell as a framework, we built up a concrete floor to get the building up and out of the rains, added a verandah extension, new windows and a corrugated metal roof to create a place for learning, reading, and gathering.

As with all our building projects, we injected some simple techniques, like large windows and vents to naturally light and air the space. The high ceiling traps the hot air and allows it to escape through a slot in the roof's ridge. And, large overhangs protect the building from the sun and provide a place for students and teachers to escape it too.

More importantly, this new building is acting as a reading space, classroom, and community-gathering room for meetings with parents, teachers, and local government officials. What was an eye-sore has become an integral part of Chiutika School and Chikazi Village.